RYOBI 40V Website

Part of an overarching campaign that really showcased the talents in each department. we used thousands of video stills integrated in the development to create an interactive scrolling experience to highlight some of the cutting edge technology RYOBI’s 40v outdoor line utilizes.


RIDGID’S most used website, with millions of users. This was a very complex and robust site where customers go to register, verify tool purchases, and to communicate with customer service representatives.


A sleek minimal approach using a black background to emphasize RYOBI's bright Pantone green. This interactive site uses 3D animations in each section to show off all the cool features.

Newport Lounge Website

Another highly interactive website. This site is basically a hub spot for the tons of content, games, and prizes that Newport uses to keep their clientele engaged the the brand. Of course you will need to register, and prove your of age to access this site.